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160509 - big drawing


I am continuing on the drawing. I enlarged some parts of it, so that all moments can be seen equally on the printed version. I am also working on the lineweights. My plan for this week is to finish it, in order to start next week with after effects.

Today I also met Ed Bottoms, with whom I discussed about the project, and I kept the following notes:

The idea of the archive comes down to the definition that we give to it. The term “archive” has been given so many different definitions that they tend to move away from the pre-WWII traditional meaning.

Archives are seen and talked about differently by art curators, philosophers and by historians.

The archive is an anonymous space, where content is represented without context. Artefacts are placed within boxes, folders, stacks.

Serendipity in the archive might seem that it happens by chance, but it’s actually curated through the classification process.

The world in the drawing is not that of an archive but of a research who has opened the boxes and laid them on a landscape.

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