The continuous and disconnected

“Film is a search of a good composition”

-Mark Lewis

“Cameras can fly”

-Mark Lewis

More on the development of a set of views from the previous post. Trying to sketch out a sequence which will move back and forth between an aerial view of a model to ground views with different scales and places.

aerial -aerial

House VI in 1:1 scale with the tower of Barragan matching in the scene as a street lamp post –


Barragan appearing huge as desert / landscape monument – monument

The top of Barragan becomes a plinth for House VI as a model (in its MoMA context like in the book). Aldo Rossi on the left is another model on a plinth –  moma

Camera goes down along tower, revealing it is a monument along elevated highway – highway


Jonas Dahlberg like rotation (image in previous post) along the highway, revealing the 2001: A Space Odyssey fragment -kubrickBack to aerial – Highway pillars become legs of a table, and the Kubrick fragment turns into a small model


The installation of Jonas Dahlberg works great because it has a clear translation of rotation to linear movement. Basically I’m looking for my simple magical movement between the camera and the model –


Artboard 1



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