The composite city

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The ghost annihilates the architectural precedent and marks the moment of a more relevant future. What is it that this new, more relevant future brings? Through the letting go of the past, of the cultural and aesthetic weight of the precedent, a radical, playful new city can emerge.

This new city is by no means a tabula rasa. On the contrary, it takes to new extremes the re-use, mis-use and dis-use of past buildings. Listed buildings float over the streets, lifted from the ground by their inflatable facsimiles. The empty ground can become a playground/dump for architecture. Some buildings are nuanced in glass while new layers of the city build around them. Some float in aerogel form on the Thames only to be recycled.

I am working on a series of drawings, the first one set in bedford square, which will collage the narratives of the forger, the faker and the fiction maker on an urban scale.

The streets are crater, like surrounded by new layers of the built. Sections of the city are ripped open to reveal infrastructure, foundations and ruins that are to be reused – building is as much about going down as it is about going up. The AA flats above bedford square, harnessed and strapped in. Bedford square has become a deep crevasses surrounded by new layers of the city. Within it, old architecture is sorted  and stored, an outdoor archive whose elements can be reused in the testing grounds of the empty foundations of floated buildings.


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