The black hole library

The index of infinite stories.

Books by themselves are already tools that transport you to another universe.Books let you travel without moving your feet , the flip of the page within a book is what transports you from one place to another. My basic element is the page, the play and combination of pages create the stories.

After Friday’s tutorial I have been looking at the narrative within the book and the narrative the book sits in.

-Narrative within the book :I will start by zooming in the narratives within the book , where different forms of black holes will take you trough  the scene jumps.

Book index//  Story of a murder : Lisette protects her son: pages 6, 10,12 ,2 3, 2,20,19, 6, 3.                           Story of a simple day,pages 10, 31, 2, 6, 30, 10 , 8                                                                             Story on agriculture:pages 3,6,8,4,22,25,16                                                                                       Story on oblivion:pages 24,28,3,1,5,17,12,18,19,22                                                                           ………

-Narrative where the book sits in (narrative of the project):  The book is a manual of communication its purpose is to combine different number of pages to create infinite stories .The book becomes a library of knowledge. The more we learn the more we realise we don’t know. The way you operate it generates the combinations to transmit information/stories.

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” -Jorges Louis Borges

Another thing I have been thinking about are ways of increasing the performance and my interaction as well as the audience’s interaction with the book. I will push this with these three ways:

-Smell:In order to find the path within the book, smell can be an added element.The hole smells and triggers memory, that will remind the user (me) to jump to a specific page.

img_9768 img_9773 img_9774


Within the scenes: fragments scenes, and fragments of pages that can be added to the book and change the stories discourse.


Added objects: How can add an object that could effect the page? Perhaps by adding the smallest element with the heaviest mass, (black hole effect) check out this video:


Sequence of multiple frames to add the notion of time, here is a great Manga reference mentioned by Maxime:


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