The Bike Path

I’ve managed to collect more footage over the weekend. They still need to be graded and edited but I’m already beginning to start stitching these fly-through videos together. I will hopefully be able to film more in the coming week before the jury. Majority of the places i shot involved a passageway of some sort, allowing for the boundary of the path to form an interior of some sort. I started to then consider that perhaps, the selection of these spaces would come down to the criteria of being a sort of in-between space – not quite an interior or an exterior. These spaces will then be combined with more animated footage that i am yet too produce tonight and in the coming days.

Screenshot 2017-01-23 15.28.39Screenshot 2017-01-23 15.28.59 Screenshot 2017-01-23 15.29.36 Screenshot 2017-01-23 15.29.48


Screenshot 2017-01-23 15.30.19 Screenshot 2017-01-23 15.30.32


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