Architecture of Doom

Undergångens arkitektur (“The Architecture of Doom”), 1989

“This award-winning documentary explores the inner workings of the Third Reich and illuminates the Nazi aesthetics in the visual arts, architecture, and popular culture. Peter Cohen argues that the difficulty in defining Nazism in traditional political terms was due to an overlooked but tremendously powerful motivation beyond the scope of politics––the force of an extreme aesthetics of beauty. Building on this Nazi cult of the beautiful, The Architecture of Doom explores the eccentric cultural ambitions of Hitler’s Third Reich.”

“Architecture of the New Germany” (3:58-) (5:02-) (6:05-)
“Antiquity & Ruin-Value” (0:02-, 5:10-)
“Visit to Paris” (1:57-)
“Degenerate Art” (1:33-) (4:32-)
“Man and Art; Sculpture” (0:08-, 1:12-)
“War Art” (3:24-)
“Post World War II Berlin” (0:03-, 0:14-)
“Conclusion / Summary” (0:52-)


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