The Apartment


Starting to work on the design for the apartment scenes in the film. I am now imagining a model where when each character is in their ‘total’ (to borrow from Mieville) space, they are invisible to the other. In the shared space they can see each other. This logic can be carried out to the street, solving the problem of people bumping into each other! It also illustrates the ‘Venn-diagram’ nature of our filter bubbles – there are moments where they intersect.

The Apartment Plan

I’m working on the augmented spaces of Miri & Rick next. An additional thought which came up as a suggestion from the presentation to MAKE yesterday was that perhaps Miri and Rick are related (daughter-father). Their invisibility to each other is something they are aware of but live with anyway – perhaps more poignant in the familiar image of a family living separate lives in the same home through social media.

Working on a new screenplay to incorporate these ideas too…

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One Response to The Apartment

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    That IS a nice take – although instantly so sad! (the father daughter relationship).

    Again though, the plans & rooms should be the most beautiful rooms you have designed EVER so far. Even if Rick’s is a shabby ghost of a place, it would be a ghost of a former magnificent self. Think of proportions, materials, lighting, etc. Rick’s windows can be covered with grime, peeling paint – you can get shabby quickly. Unless these flats are stacked containers (like the ones in Ready Player 1) in which case their beauty would be in the scene setting – like the interiors of a Wes Anderson film (although he does love his symmetry – DOUBLE ALTHOUGH, your flat is symmetrical, so maybe it’s a useful example). Will also think of great interior scenes for reference. It just means that you’ll need to consider the camera lens when you model or place things like the fireplace etc etc etc. I LOVE THIS STUFF. bye.

    check out this nerdfest:

    look at this split shot – her in foreground (miri wouldn’t be so bleak, her lighting would be warm), rick blurred in background, not illuminated by the window, colder light…

    American Beauty had great interior shots (have you seen it? NO? Put in ON YOUR LIST ASAP. is great weekend viewing)

    There’s more but I’ll stop now.
    Oh and season 1 True Detective was pretty ridiculously beautiful. SUPER interiors & exterior shots/pans.