Reconfiguration and manipulation has been an underlying idea within the project. For instance, the physical models i’ve made so demonstrate the ability to constantly change and re-arrange my rooms within the framework of a linear enfilade.

Within the came, the aspect of reconfiguration and choice should be emphasised further. To be able to constantly change and mould would nonetheless result in a world that can be extremely personalised and individualised.

The game provides a variety of options, paths, creating and element of choice in this vast world im creating.

Im currently working on a panning video showing a series of doors and the variety of enfilades that lie within. This is still very much in progress and im still deciding on the spaces that lie within these door openings.

Screenshot 2017-02-09 18.05.57 copy


I’ve also been experimenting with the city scene showing the towers growing.

Screenshot 2017-02-09 15.28.19

I think the ability to change and choose how the game works is fundamental to what im trying to sell when i finish the trailer.

Im going to continue working on these now.


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