Tests for a physical continuum

Trying to figure out a future physical model – currently it’s based along an arc (a highway), where the camera travels around the fragments, as well as rotating inside the arc to simulate a lateral movement.

This GIF shows a possible end to the highway, where the scale shifts to the scale of the room. The highway becomes a table, and the the 2001: A Space Odyssey becomes a scaled down model.


highway to table copy

In the instance below the camera completes a flip above a residential building – the ground becomes the ceiling of Jeff Wall’s tableau, the voids between the pillars become the two large windows in the photograph A View from an Apartment (with the apartment-fragment as a removable piece).






JW for reference – A View from an Apartment 2004-5 by Jeff Wall born 1946

Trying to show Barragan’s tower as a 800-meter Burj Khalifa style monument


monument copy copy copy

The pattern goes from ‘flat’ to more 3D on the two sides of the highway as Barragan’s tower changes from monumental to a small highway sculptureflat depth




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