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White Book Draft Submission

Hello Term 3,

I’ve been trying hard not to bite my tongue off and worked on the things I really wanted to get out of my way over the Easter break: The White Book (now including two sections: 1.Format Factory 2. Mnemosyne Atlas of Images), the Structure of the Website (I copied the open-source html for layout only from the Architect’s Journal) and a session of photographing models in the photostudio. Besides working on the content for the analogue and digital magazine, design development and white book,  I want to take a few hours to double check the text and the images of the book so that I can print the draft submission. Hopefully I will be able to print my personal scale ruler in time before the jury.

White Book Draft Submission

White Book Draft Submission

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White Book_v1

Today I am setting up the structure for my White Book, which will include the Design Brief for the Factory of Formats (title still pending), the Instruction Manual for the production of format and the Code of Conduct for the people involved in the process of production and consumption. The paper format is currently set to A3 which can be cut to a square to potentially remove a sense of orientation. I want to pair up or replace the Table of Content with a “Table of Format”, which may play with Lists of Figures and Lists of Tables.

Anouk Ahlborn's White Book Structure, version 1, Term 1

Anouk Ahlborn’s White Book Structure, version 1, Term 1

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The White Book So Far

Link to pdf

Tomorrow will be spent rewriting the thesis argument, researching and publishing precedents (to the FB page), and then Thursday … sketches for a future drawing/factory?

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White Book WIP

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Table of Contents

Updated Table of Contents (I don’t know why there is a strange spacing thing going on when I paste it into the blog):

1. Metropolis of Ego

1.1 Project Statement

-The Metropolis of Ego is the physical manifestation of the Architects Ego, which acts to consciously create and subconsciously destroy the City.

1.2 Presentation Text


2. Precedent Studies Showing the Manifestation of the Architects Ego

2.1 Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang

– The “hotel of doom” shows the imposition of the architects ego on the city.

2.2 Roma Interotta

– The study to redraw Nolli’s map of Rome shows a diverse set of entries each showcasing the designers Ego.


3. City of The Captive Architect

3.1 Pruitt-Igoe

– The social housing scheme is widely regarded to have led to the death of the Modern movement.

3.2 From Utopian Vision to Dystopian Reality

–  An examination of the failed ideology within Pruitt-Igoe.

3.2. Re-Con

– The internal battle of the Architects Ego, which is necessary in order to create the city, but also acts to destroy the city.


4. Realm of Manipulated Reality

4.1 Unintended views of the Metropolis

–  An exploration of the views the designer never planned for us to see.


5 The Ring of Confrontation

5.1 Confrontation in the Metropolis

–  There is conflict and tension everywhere in the city.

5. 2 The Ring

–  A space where battles are fought and arguments are won or lost.

5.3 Battles

– An examination of previous battles in the city (Ego fights the Ego), and the trail of   destruction these have left

5.4 The Fight to End all Fights

– Tonight we watch Imagination vs. Reality. The survival of The Metropolis will be written by the winner.



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