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Voting Poll

Hello fellow Dip 9-ers

If you guys have the time, would you mind voting on the categories for my game that tell my story on the function of the oblique. If you could leave comments and add on categories that would be great. Thanks for helping out.

  1. Oblique
  2. Grid
  3. Temporal
  4. Interactive
  5. Folding
  6. Indexical
  7. deconstruction
  8. Brutal
  9. Continuous Surface
  10. Ornamentation
  11. Fluid
  12. Top-down/bottom up

The game is a critique on the absurdity of defining an idea, theory, utopia, movement around a single word defined by its formal attributes just in the way that the oblique has defined the function of the oblique. What are the cultural and experiential attributes that are too often ignored and forgotten? Architecture is the space in which a variety of readings should be allowed to blend and clash. There is only one place where these readings may exist and this is in the conversations. This will allow us to eliminate the singular reading of architecture that has primarily focused on its formal attributes.

Model piece catalogue still to come.

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