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Back from break


So a super quick update with  knowing that I am definitely going to be last on the tute schedule tomorrow ( dum dum dum! inserted dramatic music)

On a serious note: What I am looking at developing from previews, is the relationship of how Giotto constructed perspectives and the use of the surface and the direction out into the city versus the total opposite of an adolf loos room where the window is only there to let light in.

A0V3 perspective


Also I am considering bringing the game format back with the different wall conditions ( I don’t know how quite as yet)

There will hopefully be some magic between now and the tutes tomorrow :D

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life on the outsideFollow the plumber Levels of circulation 

Where: Paris
What: Sacred spaces
Who: The people who make up the metropolitan ( the artist, the plumber, the factory worker, the banker)

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A view on angles and an angle on views


At a junction where I find myself struggling to communicate my thoughts that are still in a stage of being a swarm of ants. I leave to find that can of bug spray, and find both Paul Virilio and Claude Parent sitting in front of a board game. So I kindly ask them is it possible to join them because I have a million questions I need desperately answered.

VP: What is the significance of the church in Nevers?

CP:  Sainte-Bernadette of Banlay is the work of two men of very different cultures, though closely linked by the embryonic developments of a theory in the making for which the church served as the first test: oblique architecture.

VP: How was it oblique architecture?

CP: After in-depth discussion, the v-shaped plan was chosen, in order to better illustrate the path for the congregation by distinguishing an ascent, a decent and the horizontal recovery threshold at the juncture. This organizational precisely fit the theoretical discussion of oblique architecture.

VP: Why were you interested in oblique architecture?

PV: The end of the vertical as an axis of elevation, the end of the horizontal as permanent plane, in favour of the oblique axis and the inclined plane makes it possible for the total reinvention of architectural vocabulary.

CP: As we both had two independent approaches to dynamic architecture, oblique architecture was the only form of architecture that would accommodate both our independent approaches.

VP: What made you give up on the function of the oblique and working with each other?

PV: After a few years the overwhelming difficulties of building an oblique habitat led me to abandon this work, which seemed to offer no practical benefit to young architects starting out in the working world.

CP:  As you already know, I did not give up on developing oblique architecture. I just gave up on working with Paul Virilio.  He became too involved in the ‘events’ of ’68 and we had to go our separate ways. Charles de Gaulle once said that the French were like cattle, I don’t like that mob – mentality, and I have no stomach for it.

VP: You both defined the theory the function of the oblique. Is it possible to misread the function of the oblique?

CP: It is not possible to mis-read the function of the oblique, as there was always to independent approaches to it. You would just have to pick the side you agreed with.

PV: It is a view on angles and it is an angle on views!

VP: As you know today, oblique architecture is very much a part of the architectural vocabulary. Do you think that if you were to redesign the Church of Nevers today, would it represent oblique architecture or would it take another form? I strongly believe that it might take on another shape.

There is a long pause of silence and then they ask me if I would like to join in the game they are playing.

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Mod1 Model1


Exploring the concept of duality with the oblique to emphasize the two specific characters who had two very different personalities and design concepts.

Each side of the model will frame and tell a specific story/contradiction between PV and CP at the time that AP published its first manifesto.

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What is the Oblique?


A swarm of ants

An image of my thoughts right now.


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