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Totems: Positions & Formats

During the Unit trip to Berlin and Basel, I brought a red felt dot on which I stood whenever I needed to find position towards something, both physical or intellectual. As an active tool, I used masking tape in order to unformat certain objects or spaces. I looked for the notions of shape & gestalt, dimensions & scale, materiality and imagined (re-)placing, moving, composing, copying, fitting and cropping. I finally selected the following four photographs in David Chipperfield’s Neues Museum (Museum Island Berlin, 1997-2009) and Peter Eisenman’s Holocaust Memorial (Friedrichstadt, Berlin, 2004). Here I am finding position toward the contentless format of the plinth and I am challenging a reference by drawing the perimeter of an absent concrete slab. The images are now ready to find their place on the wall of totems!

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