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Bob and the Boblets

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Casting the plaster for the spobject tonight to hopefully assemble it tomorrow.

Working on the text and the drawing in the mean time.

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Working on Bob

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Trying not to over define Bob with too much detail. I am just working with the different thickness of the walls and how the sequences of the detailed model can flow smoothly. It is looking slightly too intense (Waffle-esque) right now but I quite like it. I am going to move back and forth between the detailed model and Bob and maybe it might tone down.

The bit that is sticking out right now is the extension to what I am not sure yet. My text on the sequence of the wall is also changing as I go along so I am trying to give some TLC to that too. SO hopefully I have a relatively a neat-ish set for Friday’s tutorial.




P.s I’d just like to add a little disclaimer that it is really hard for me to try and not OVER detail Bob (I know its an issue and I am working on it :D)

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