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Drawing of content- 131210

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The form and the context/content



Orbit Sequence 2

Surface diagram04

Shifts in scales every time you move from inside to outside of the form.

The box = form that is the constrains the context/content

The context/content = What is constrained by the form and what constrains the form.

The camera orbit = Liberates the context/content from the form by being able to inhabit both to reveal the scale shifts.

Second sequence to enter back in to the box and to focus on a different surface to show a new framed context/content.

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The one thing part 2

A quick fez inspired video I did, you can see my cube in the middle of Paris twisted on an oblique right at the end

Surface diagram02


Liberating form from context (the form is rejecting conforming to its context)-
1. Contained within the box = form and context is normal
2. Released from the box = the form is normal but situated on a abnormal context

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The one thing

Surface diagram

Surface 01

Surface 02

Liberating content(framed view of Paris) from form (the box that constrains)

Liberating form from content to follow.

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