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The last two Spobject pieces

01 02 03

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Working on Bob

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Trying not to over define Bob with too much detail. I am just working with the different thickness of the walls and how the sequences of the detailed model can flow smoothly. It is looking slightly too intense (Waffle-esque) right now but I quite like it. I am going to move back and forth between the detailed model and Bob and maybe it might tone down.

The bit that is sticking out right now is the extension to what I am not sure yet. My text on the sequence of the wall is also changing as I go along so I am trying to give some TLC to that too. SO hopefully I have a relatively a neat-ish set for Friday’s tutorial.




P.s I’d just like to add a little disclaimer that it is really hard for me to try and not OVER detail Bob (I know its an issue and I am working on it :D)

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Sequence 01- The Fall

Untitled-1 Untitled-2

As a starting point for modelling the world of walls in the spobject, I figured it would be best to begin with the Manimation room because that already addresses different scales and develop it further from this point on. It will also start to break from the clear division when the long perspectival street view is added more developed work to (hopefully) follow soon

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Tumble Away

01 02


I have edited the rectangular design to become more tumble friendly. I’m thinking that it is going to be casted in silicone (shatter proof) or if in plaster to be maybe vacuum formed maybe with faceted edges?

Working on two sequence drawings right now.

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Orange is the new black



photo 2 photo 3

photo 1

A little post jury work plan update. Re-working the spobject to become a square box to allow for a tumble and a clearer sequence. Also I am aiming to have a drawing to go with it to show at least (hopefully) two of the sequences.

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Spobject Fun

photo 1 photo 2 Untitled-2


From an Spobject to a building that is the goal! I haven’t reached there quite yet but working very hard to do it

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A spobject in a box

photo 3   photo 4


Moving on to drawings now.

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Spobject Take 2: WIP

Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-3 Untitled-4 Untitled-5

A few screenshots of one side of the wall. I am working on slowing down the conditions of each room/space to craft the shifts between the narratives/wall conditions/ scalar and rotational shifts of the SPOBJECT

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01 02

This blog post is dedicated to Eleanor Dodman and her spobject.

Working on the scale-less object of the world of walls that generates the views for the different wall conditions.

I am defining the walls with different perforations and thickness (which is an ongoing process)

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