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In between city

citysplit01-01It looks greenish… didn’t look that way in indesign.

This is a first drawing from a series of 4 drawings of different scale that I want to do, where a section of ‘in-between’ occupies space in the drawing, however in the context of it’s environment remains only paper thin.


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Between of in between

door section

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The severing of high and low, soul and body and inside and outside articulates itself in a fold. The fold is thus the actualization of the difference between ‘the intimate folds that the soul encloses on the upper level’ and ‘the creases that matter brings to life always on the outside, on the lower level’.multiple layers-01


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Drawing the portals

Sketched the portals after our tutorial on Friday. Now going into rhino world to make this happen.
The window and the ladder take you from “real London” to “you are a thieve ” back through the window you are in crab key. The window is the the aquarium room glass wall that changes scales. Then zoom in to the copper lift (next portal) and don’t know where it goes from there yet.
Underground there is the tube that becomes the pipe in crab key.

Thought about the map parameters and how they will change in section and elevation.

Questions to think about :
What is the difference between a map and a plan?
When does the map become a plan? Or an elevation /section?
What are the architectural elements that can be read in plan and section in the same way? The window. The lift… What else?

Drawings to be a hybrid of technical section drawings and colourful illustration.

Update later or tomorrow on progress


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Backstage Views

The Re-Con stage was designed to be viewed straight-on. Like Yamasaki with his monograph, it was arranged in a specific way to exhibit the argument. Similarly presentation drawings and models are often controlled to show the client exactly what the architect wants them to see. Here are a selection of images exploring the stage from views that the audience were never meant to see:

1. The Short-Section

In the short-section everything that can be seen front-on is obscured, obliterating the argument. A series of void spaces come to light. When viewed straight on the void is representing everything that the drawing board is obscuring (“Reality”). The image of this in the imagination is extremely powerful, making it quite surreal that in our immediate reality it is just a void space.

2. Plan View (the anti-yamasaki view)

The ruined plinths take centre stage. Yamasaki would not have liked us to see this one!

3. Window Cleaner View

Looking into the plinth it becomes immediately clear that we are on the plinth – in a sense the script plays backwards. The ruined buildings are not visible, but the disengagement between architecture and public (or Reality) is evident.

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