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Format – Wandering

The Human Condition, René Magritte, 1935

After René Magritte, Mario Game

After René Magritte, Mario Game

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References & post-tutorial thoughts

City of the Dead above the City of the Living

“An architect does not ‘create’ a city, only an accumulation of objects. It is the inhabitant who ‘invents’ the city: an uninhabited city, even if new, is only a ‘ruin’.”
– Yona Friedman

Spatial City: housing plan to create structure above an existing city. Framework erected first, residences inserted into the voids of the structure; each level to occupy no more than 50% of overall structure in order to provode air and light to each residence as well as city below.

Bringing the Green of the Cemetery back into the Centre

A park above the city? Well, the Highline, of course..
Cemeteries are green spaces, but too far out, not used as much as they could be. Too many rules of behaviour apply.

Need to determine the relationship between the two worlds, the points of access, of connection between the lower and upper level as well as the moments of disconnection. Physical separation but spatial relation.

About the Highline: “The park accommodates the wild, the cultivated, the intimate and the social. Access points are durational experiences designed to prolong the transition from the frenetic pace of city streets to the slow otherworldly landscape above.”

So this,
and that,
and Le Fresnoy [previous post], with Tschumi’s ‘in-between’, his “innovative concept about the spaces generated by collisions between forms, programs, and the varied systems of contemporary culture.”

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