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Last tuesday, I looked at the tension that exist in cinema in between the interior and the exterior. Interior space is always construct as 1:1 scale space whereas, for exterior spaces, film director often uses perception tricks, particular camera angles and miniatures model that only appears “real” in the frame of the camera. I found this particular schizophrenic condition fascinating. I have started to see this tension as a space in itself who would mediate the two scales, always recomposing the elements it is composed of, so that they appear as “real” once viewed from the frame of the camera. This space has no (/ or an infinite number) of scales.

What are the elements that this space is composed of ? I believe they are the primary components through which a city/a landscape can be understood : material, icon, thresholds, background, buildings, furnitures. They are what Kracauer describe as the ornaments of the city : the parts of a mechanism through which the presence of a space becomes manifested (and I would add ‘constructed’).

An infinite number of scales ? This is the second interesting point of the space : because it can be understand only when viewed through the frame of the camera, the size, geographical position and direction of this components (S/P/D) are not fixed, they are continuously changing and unveil, only once “action” is said, a particular reality.

In order to show this space, I have come to idea that I could use three mediums : A script, a map and an image.

One REALITY, one SCRIPT, one MAP, one IMAGE.

The REALITY is what is seen in the camera frame. The SCRIPT is the ‘algorithm’ defining the S/P/D of the components at t=x in the space, the MAP is the mapping in plan of the components at t=x, and the IMAGE is the interpretation of what is seen is the camera frame at t=x.

I recreated a small size studio in the Unit space showing the space i am talking about (photo). I attached a few pictures taken with my phone to show the different REALITIES. I put as well a sort of storyboard explaining (more or less) the SCRIPT and the MAP with drawings. And I also attached here the IMAGES i started to draw from selected REALITIES, that have to be seen as a sequence, each of them contains the same components [they are totally unfinished, or barely started even].

etienne1 etienne2 etienne3 etienne4 etienne5 image01 image02 image03 untitled-2 img_0086 img_0087 img_0089 img_0090 img_0091 img_0092 img_0097

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