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Apartment Model

Getting ready to augment this…Model

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I am currently working on the realization of my storyboard and model tests. I drew a new sheet of questions which I will try to respond to in the project and will upload the full storyboard once I am at home. The first scene is  filmed and photographed and I hope to discuss the materials I used tomorrow. The little fake marble blocks are testing the textures of marble if cut in the quarry or polished for a plinth.



Here’s the scene which inspired me while chisling and painting the bluefoam:

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Preparing the Physical Model no.1

model rhino viewport model rhino viewport 2 model lasercut part


Currently working on the preparing the files for the first physical model – the materialization of Zaha’s anti-chamelion reality. It is going to consist of two 5mm perspex sheets with holes to thread through the suspended HK of Zaha. The actual buildings will be lasercut out of reflective card, so they catch the reflections of Zaha’s painting (printed on tracing paper attached to the back of the model), Hong Kong bird’s eye (printed on tracing paper attached to the bottom of the model) and the real time reflections of the surroundings. I am hoping to have it more or less finished by friday night and crack on with the second physical model – the materialization of the Peak in Hong Kong reality (i.e. how it would look look if it were actually get built). I am hoping for this model to be hyper realistic with material textures, landscape and greenery.

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