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Animated Mnemosyne


Animation of the Mnemosyne Atlas, A, B, C + 79 panels

Animation of the Mnemosyne Atlas, A, B, C + 79 panels


Animated Palimpsest of the Mnemosyne Atlas

Animated Palimpsest of the Mnemosyne Atlas

I thought that these two gifs could sum up the madness of the Mnemosyne Atlas as a project which would have always remained stuck in progress. Enjoy!


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Mnemosyne Atlas – Recon Step 1


Another iteration of Panel C of Aby Warburg’s Mnemosyne Atlas at the scale of its photographic reproduction (ca. 18 x 24 cm). What if you’d insert a circle? Too abstract! A banana? Well, it’s got enough particularities to fit in.

Rather than a serious proposal, the potential insertion of a banana, as a generic object, into the pathos-laden historiography, reveals the absurdity of responding to Warburg’s subjective approach to mapping the past through a constellation of images, ranging from Antiquity to the 1920s.

Mnemosyne Atlas, Panel C goes B!

Mnemosyne Atlas, Panel C goes B!


That stated, I will still attempt to challenge the notion of orientation both within physcial and intellectual space, multiple interconnected worlds. If I am to provide a reconfigured index outside the Warburg Institute and within a global pool of resources, I should rethink how to montage such a network. Instead of imposing my subjective logic onto Aby Warburg’s sense of reasoning within the existing set of images of the Mnemosyne Atlas, I consider making use of a form of collective judgement as a means to ascribe objective value to contextual items.

The question redefines itself to: “How do I, as an architect, use the world around me as an objectifying filter to construct, communicate and guide through a temporal and spatial constellation of knowledge which challenges Aby Warburg’s emotional logic, medium and format?”


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“Together with panels A and C, panel B provides an introductory ‘grammar’ or ‘syntax’ with which to read the subsequent 60 panels.”
Title: “Various levels of transferring the cosmic system to humanity. Harmonic correspondence. Later reduction of the harmony to abstract geometry instead of to cosmically conditional [geometry] (Leonardo).”

(source: http://warburg.library.cornell.edu/panel/c)


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