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Smoke and Mirrors

Having wiggled in and out of the states of Hyper Visionary and Hyper Real and related it back to the Bot and Dolly installation, I am wondering if the answer lies in perception or better to say magic. I am currently researching into the different principles of magic which include: production, vanish, transformation, restoration, teleportation, escape, levitation, penetration and prediction. I am mainly interested in the kind of illusion effect that can be produced with a magic trick as well as how is this space constructed. In relation to my previous post what I was hoping to explore is the idea of bringing enclaves of smooth space into the city through staging of magic. This might be a long shot, but could be fun to research.

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Images from a city of continual [dis]appearance

1. the future of development is reflected by the tate modern in the hoarding of battersea power station. The pedestrian is immersed in the illusion via reflection.

2. the city of tourist icons becomes continuous via the mirrored hoarding of a ruin in reverse.

3. The horizontal as well as vertical hoarding is mirrored reflecting both the barbican and the partially constructed shard reaching ever closer towards the sky.

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Smithson Sculptures – use of mirrors

What would it mean to use construction hoarding as the canvas in a similar way as Smithson? Would the neat boundaries of developed versus the undeveloped or “developing” become confused and essentially dissapear? Reflection acts as a tool to both create and erase urban ruins or ruins in reverse. photocollages and possibly a physical model to follow.

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