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Project Map


Ugly but Useful – Mindmap of my project.

Centered for now around the Miniature and its ramifications. Red is connections to my Diamonds. Green is more like a general area.

Currently working on a prettier version, as well as on a text to clarify ideas and intentions within the project (Maybe we can review tomorrow).Reading Susan Stewart’s book on the miniature was very useful to understand the miniature as a composite construct, where the role of descriptive text is emphasised.

I also started researching the Peck Shahnama a.k.a Persian Book of Kings. Looked into the process of creation of one miniature, which involved dozens of people at the same time. Started understanding more of the composition of Persian miniatures, where text and image have an interesting relationship. The text usually comes first and dictates the content of the image. Sometimes, since the painters and the writers are different people, there are several discrepancies between text and image. Also the figure of the Scribe is immensely more popular and venerated than the figure of the painter. I will bring the book tomorrow so maybe we can discuss some examples.


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