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Just a Facade

Million 2009 Jerusalem – Former Hilton Hotel, in the independece Park, ending point of the Jerusalem’s Gay Pride. The ocre stone block is reduced to a slim facade holded by a metallic structure inspired in the rooftops of the Million Dollar Hotel in Los Angeles.

This is an image by Victor Enrich, I’m contemplating on how to further intertwine facade and ‘in between’.  city-portraits-by-victor-enrich-121

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From the book of the courtier

(because masquerading carries with it a certain license and liberty, and this, among other things, enables the courtier to choose the role at which he feels himself best, to bring out its most important elements with diligence and elegance, which showing a certain nonchalance with regard to what is not essential. All of this greatly enhances the attractiveness of what he is doing, as when a youth dresses up as an old man yet wears loose attire so as to be able to show his agility; or when a knight dresses up as a country shepherd, but rides a beautiful horse and wears a handsome and appropriate costume. For the spectators assume they are seeing what they are meant to imagine, and then when shown far more than what is promised by the costume being worn they are highly amused and delighted.)

Castigliine Federico Fregoso

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Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger was a popular TV series from 1949 to 1957, the main character Lone Ranger was played my Clayton Moore. In the series every villain that Lone Ranger would encounter would make him take of the mask, but he would always prevail before that could happen. After TV series ended Clayton continued to wear his Long Ranger costume including the mask, Moore often was quoted as saying he had “fallen in love with the Lone Ranger character”, he adhered to Lone Ranger Creed making himself in all aspects indistinguishable from his character.

In 1979, the owner of the Ranger character, Jack Wrather, obtained a court order prohibiting Moore from making future appearances as The Lone Ranger. Wrather anticipated making a new film version of the story, and did not want the value of the character being undercut by Moore’s appearances. Also, Wrather did not want to encourage the belief that the 65-year-old Moore would be playing the role in the new picture. Eventually a law suit was filed against Moore, and the judge patiently explained to Moore that he is not allowed to use the brand of The Lone Ranger, Moore on the other hand was arguing that he is not a brand, he is The Lone Ranger. The discussion would go back and forth until the judge ordered him to take off the mask… a request that Lone Ranger has heard so many times in his life.

The mask came off and The Lone Ranger man was never seen again.



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