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Just what is it to be a member of Le? I’ve tried this weekend to look at the dialectic between the dynamic/progressive culture of city and the nostalgic conservatism of the ‘Other’ (still working within the magazine format for now). cityzen-criteria2To position Le relative to her outsiders, and make relevant the speculation to current events, I have imagined a reactionary cultural movement calling for a voluntary exit from Le’s support structures, a ‘Le-xodus’. To enhance the visual metaphor, I have conceived of this not as a return to the countryside, but as an excising of city land across the globe in all ‘Le positive’ (areas where Le’s legal and economic systems are observed by the majority) regions. In essence, by isolating themselves from Le, the Le-xodus community create the anti-walled city, where an area of ‘protected, rural sanctuary’ sits within the ‘wild and dangerous’ city.

le-xodusanti-walled-cityinterview-with-le-xodus-lobby-leader2Much like contemporary conservative tactics to gain influence through provocation, the outside ‘Le-facing‘ wall is covered with provocative messages, banners and slogans, which of course fuels hateful graffiti and protest from within Le.

To contribute my bit to Halloween scariness (some of it is pretty damn scary!) here are some examples from right now that show Le’s other in action.




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