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The Stranger Sides of Le

More spreads – this time with a focus on describing some of the more bizarre manifestations of Le. We see a city switch from Le negative to Le positive with the setting of the sun. A conservative Lexodus city in Arizona actually employs thousands who service one of Le’s data centers. And a homeless man sells his skin as real estate to corporations to tattoo their brand logos onto, all in an effort to raise his rating within Le.

out-by-day-in-by-nightmigrant-dormitoriesle-not-lehomeless-guyI discovered the work of Rahul Mehrotra and Felipe Vera over the weekend in their project ‘Ephemeral Urbanism’ at the 2016 Venice Biennale. They highlight that much of what we consider urban today is in fact transient and strongly linked to:

1. Disaster (and relief)

2. Military Activities

3. Extraction (resources)

4. Refuge (migration)

5. Transaction (markets)

6. Celebration (festivals)

7. Religion (pilgrimages)

Particularly extraordinary is the city of Kumbh Mela – a Hindu pilgrimage that sees the construction of a temporary megacity on the banks of the Ganges once every 12 years.

Could this model be an interesting way to explore Le? What would a Le pilgrimage look like, or a temporary festival/ceremonial city that was her essence manifest?


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