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Glass Mountains

I have been briefly looking into how glass factories operate and one of the interesting ingredients in making glass is cullet (broken often recycled glass). Here are some interesting images of cullet ‘landforms’ + a visually stimulating rock :)

backlot4-727 Industrial_WSP_2011_05_13_CulletPlant-11932-Edit-VIV2backlot1-727 Gabbert-Photo-019 tumblr_mx5fhyzyjx1qzg3euo1_1280 tumblr_mx5fir43cn1qzg3euo1_1280

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Bot and Dolly – The Box

I thought I would post this video, even though I am sure some of you might have seen it already. I found it really interesting how the installation is constructed around very specific viewpoints, or rather view paths to create an illusion of the built with the use of projections and kuka robots. I am thinking maybe the medium of projection could act as a bridge for the gap between the built and unbuilt, but who knows. I just think it mindblowingly cool and if I am not wrong, these are the kuka robots we’ve seen on our visit to UCLA.

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Richard Galpin – Viewing device

Following Manijeh’s suggestion, I had a look at the work of Richard Galpin, which I thought was really inspiring/beautiful both graphically and conceptually. Here are two videos from the skyline project as well as his working methodology, followed by a few images of his work. Going back to the theme of transition space between real and visionary, built and unbuilt he used technique of reduction and erasure to achieve the transitory effect.

galpin_free-state-iii galpin-distructure-i 3098 2005_fantasy_mouse

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F4E68996-9904-4990-8443-9FF6DE96D17F copy 0CAD4F71-8D5A-443C-AE33-B3F1D70D2380 copy

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“The parts do not determine the pattern but it is the pattern that determines the part.”


Looking for inspirations on how to structure the rules and design my re-con game ‘the function of the _____: A view on angles and an angle on views. ‘ I came across a game designed by Madelon Vriesendorp called ‘Mind Game’.

My favorite parts of the game is that you have to analyze someone else’s stage set and then the person who has the most widely excepted interpretation wins. It plays off the theme that I am interested in between conversations, authorship and misreading.

I love how clear and simple her rules and the structure of the game is.

Such a great inspiration for designing this game board. Having said that, I am hoping that it ends up looking inspired and CLEAR!



“The only thing that counts is the ability to link this piece to other pieces.”


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