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Architecture of the unexpected

In the Wonderbox you are looking at a scene: what you see is determined (framed) by the aperture. You think you know what to expect inside of the box because you can see and measure it’s exterior, trusting your eyes you form an idea about what lies beyond the four walls of the box. Inside the architect is the director, the interior is a world of manipulated and unknown. It is like being transported into a different dimension but only through the eye, the aperture is the path.

The Wonderbox is as a play with three acts. After act 1 the world inside the box seems one way, but when seen from a different perspective, your perception is changed.


Act 1, the fire

Act 2 throws off your preconceived notions of the scene, the previous becomes known as illusion.

Act 2, the building is a model

Act 2, the building is a model

After seeing act 2 your perception of the scene evolves as more information has been added.

Act 3, the reveal

Act 3, the reveal

Once again your perception of the inside world is upended and all has been revealed to be a ruse.

The potential finale of the play can be the following:

Act 4, perception from inside the box

Act 4, perception from inside the box

Some of the tools through which architecture of the unexpected can happen are:

  • framing (aperture)
  • distance (proximity)
  • lighting
  • perspective manipulation (forced perspective)

Next topics to look at are how to transform the box and investigate further into these tools.


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Smoke and Mirrors

Having wiggled in and out of the states of Hyper Visionary and Hyper Real and related it back to the Bot and Dolly installation, I am wondering if the answer lies in perception or better to say magic. I am currently researching into the different principles of magic which include: production, vanish, transformation, restoration, teleportation, escape, levitation, penetration and prediction. I am mainly interested in the kind of illusion effect that can be produced with a magic trick as well as how is this space constructed. In relation to my previous post what I was hoping to explore is the idea of bringing enclaves of smooth space into the city through staging of magic. This might be a long shot, but could be fun to research.

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