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What Kind of State Change am I Addressing?

In attempt to gather my thoughts after the Holiday, I have gone through the tutorial notes, blog notes and notes from the books I have referenced. The outcome is a bullet point format of how do I define state change in my project.

– Substances can be described through physical properties of being extensive (e.g. mass, volume) and intensive (e.g. temperature, density). Material state change happens when intensive qualities reach a critical threshold, resulting in an unexpected outcome (i.e. sand/stone -> glass/concrete)

– While state change can take form of a sequence, this sequence can be reversible and can encounter moments of absurdity and surprise.

– My project addresses the question of the relation of architecture to the site. In Zaha’s case, she needed to facilitate the context to situate the building. I propose that, rather than cutting away from the site, architecture needs to emerge from the site. Buildings should no longer occupy a giver site but instead construct the site itself.

– State change is reflected in the role of the architect as both chameleon and lion in the way landform (site) and architecture (object) come together into one. “Hybrids are often the most robust sorts of creatures” Sarah Whiting

– Perhaps the unexpected moment of absurdity is the interplay of the artificial and the natural, the landform and the architecture, positive and negative space (i.e. bringing landscape into the building, quarry and artificial mountain)

– State change in the methods of representation and the role of line and texture. “Texture is the level on which abstract information and tangible sensation meet today. Computer images are based on textures, but texture is also a fundamental feature of materials… In the field of digital architecture, the importance given to texture, to the play between grain and light, goes hand in hand with the desire to reconcile the immaterial and material, the conceptual and tangible” Antoine Picon

– “The rock’s way of staying in the game is different from the way of living things. The rock, we may say resists change; It stays put, unchanging. The living thing escapes change either by correcting change or changing itself to meet change or by incorporating change into its own being” Gregory Bateson


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