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Mapping Le

Le Positive AreasWith this world map of Le Positive Regions (in Turquoise) we see that the global condition has become one of city/not city rather than one of national borders. The map also introduces the notion of levels of ‘Le-ness’, in this case distinguishing between primary (>90% Le by population) and secondary (>70%) cities. The Le network would operate much like current free movement zones, with residents of these cities being able to move freely between others in the network. Likewise each of these cities would be linked culturally, economically and legally: trade, currency, and law would apply between the cities as if they were one gigantic megacity (which they kind of are).

The wilderness of the arctic circle forms Le’s brain (or at least the calculating part of it), where her servers sit fortified, isolated and cooled by the hostility of the otherwise barren landscape.

In the map, we see old notions of continental territory shift, as the Americas and Europe (whilst maintaining a relatively high influence/population ratio due to their histories as sites of great cultural and economic prowess) shrink and the Asian and African regions grow to have increasingly significant influence on Le’s constitution (in the personality sense – although maybe in the legal one too…)

From here, to explore the dynamic and ever changing nature of Le I hope to profile:

1. A city that is a Le-xodus territory by day and a Le city by night 

Where a conservative city hires a large immigrant community of construction workers (who are themselves rate highly within Le’s algorithm) to build/maintain the physical infrastructures of their city by night as they sleep. This could be an opportunity for an interesting ‘crosshatch’ whose edges are sunrise and sunset.

2. A city with an extreme and sharp transition between Le/not-Le 

Perhaps a profile of the city of Mesa Arizona, listed by Forbes as the most conservative city in America, but yet it hosts Apple’s largest data-centre. Two possibilities here – either the city is split between residents of Mesa and workers at the datacentre, or the residents of Mesa, while being excised from Le themselves, are actually in her employ maintaining her.

3. An act of terror on one of Le’s arctic data centres

Non-Le members, by nature of their disconnect from Le, have little to lose from the destruction of Le’s infrastructures. An interesting opportunity to reverse the narrative on terror placing those traditionally most fervently ‘anti-terror’ on the zealous side.

4. Migration events

A country town that spikes and momentarily becomes highly Le for a weekend music festival.

Dubai, despite it’s conservative culture and relatively shallow economic strategy rates as one of the most highly Le territories in the world due to its migrant population of construction workers from Asia.

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