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The Most Sublime Ghost

The_Sounds_of_Earth_-_GPN-2000-001976 The_Sounds_of_Earth_Record_Cover_-_GPN-2000-001978

The Voyager Golden Record

Etched on the gold disc, the ghost of humanity is floating through unreachable, undetectable space, way beyond the capacity of our satellites and calculations. On its surface, slightly beaten up and scratched by errant space debree, it carries the information of our past. It is the ultimate, most sublime artefact.


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The Ghost – Ultimate Symbol Of the New Anthropocentric Geology (Late night musings to escape weights and measures)


Like in a previous post I’ll start off my musings that stand behind the Fiction Maker’s narrative with a reference image. The google earth screenshot shows the Zipingpu Dam in China, whose huge man made lake has caused the first man-made earthquake since it was built over one of the area’s fault lines.

It is an both an incredibly seductive and terrifying theory. We have reached a point in time when man’s impact on the very mass of the earth, its geology, has become so powerful that geology is now anthropocentric.

China, which seems to pop up very often, although I am avoiding its alien take on the copy aka the ghost, is the preface of what will become an anthropocentric earth. We are not merely A species but THE species. Like the enormity of the Chinese dam, our cities will shape the earth, their organic layering of history already becoming a new breed of urban geology.

My project embraces this – Nature as we know it (idillic pastoral depictions) is dead. We replace it with technology, which breeds new natures.

Our future cities will glow under the honeyed filter of squeaky clouds of aerogel, rivers will swell pink and the earth will shake with the enormity of the unbuildable.

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-Take my gold and give me my peace
-We don’t need your gold, that has rust as disease.

Glossy black crows will get what they want, 
Snatching a diamond from ghostly eyes,
Planting it far in their deep black claws,
Leaving the ghost with restless lives.

-Take my kingdom and take my crown
-We hold no desire for kingdom and your thorny crown.
-Take than my eyes, so I wouldn’t see you no more.
-Your eyes were the first to be taken by us, we dove into them and emerged as us.


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