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-Take my gold and give me my peace
-We don’t need your gold, that has rust as disease.

Glossy black crows will get what they want, 
Snatching a diamond from ghostly eyes,
Planting it far in their deep black claws,
Leaving the ghost with restless lives.

-Take my kingdom and take my crown
-We hold no desire for kingdom and your thorny crown.
-Take than my eyes, so I wouldn’t see you no more.
-Your eyes were the first to be taken by us, we dove into them and emerged as us.


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Eye – window into a soul.

The eye is a precise mechanism which transmits what is seen to the consciousness. The positive or negative coloration of visual sensations depends on the class experience of our consciousness, irrespective of whether it is individual or social. -Leonidov at the OSA congress


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