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Fragments revealed

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Interesting video about Jeff Wall’s exhibition in the Stedelijk with many closed interior tableaux (A View from an Apartment at 3:00 min)

The book from the exhibition -blog3Poster from the 2013 Eisenman exhibition at MoMA about his post-functional work which includes House VI!blog5Bernard Tschumi, Mark Wigley, and Peter Eisenman at Deconstructive Retrospective event. Photo: John Hill/World-Architectsblog4


Jeff Wall looking for an exteriortk

‘Open Road’ by Jeff Wall which is very desert-centrictk

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Jeff Kipnis and Eisenman lecture

I listened to a lecture with Kipnis and Eisenman today and Kipnis said something very interesting about Eisenmans drawings… in reference to the image bellow he said.

‘ you don’t have to know what it means , in fact its particularly interesting as an icon precisely because you don’t know what it means. But you are guaranteed by the erudition of its process that it means something to very few people and its to obscure for you to know. So it creates a kind of obscurism effect as a cultural enterprise know to us.’

He said this when talking about Eisenmans axo diagrams calling the houses ‘buildings about drawings’.


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House III

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House I

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