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Desert to Rhino3D to room

New sequence to connect from the desert to the physical room via the Rhino space. The Wipe feature might be out of control at the moment.. or, if it is used often, maybe it should be introduced earlier on in the film.

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Fragments revealed

Found this great 2001: A Space Odyssey merchandise at www.fabgearusa.com/2001-a-space-odyssey/

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Interesting video about Jeff Wall’s exhibition in the Stedelijk with many closed interior tableaux (A View from an Apartment at 3:00 min)

The book from the exhibition -blog3Poster from the 2013 Eisenman exhibition at MoMA about his post-functional work which includes House VI!blog5Bernard Tschumi, Mark Wigley, and Peter Eisenman at Deconstructive Retrospective event. Photo: John Hill/World-Architectsblog4


Jeff Wall looking for an exteriortk

‘Open Road’ by Jeff Wall which is very desert-centrictk

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