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You spin me right round



Moving on to the colour hues now and then a little bit more detailing.



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Dwg Outline



Working on the final dwg composition, will highlight the moments that activate the spobject pieces.

From the object to the spatial object to THE VISIONARY

BOOM! Might be too much but I am rolling with it now


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Putting it back together

Untitled-1 Untitled-2


Preparing the files for the physical models. Still debating if I should cast in silicone or plaster. At least I have my 3d Prints for the spobject out of the way.

Working on how the 5 realms (Just for you dodsi XD) join together to make the final  spobject building. They might all just sit together places on top of each other strategically rather than actually being physically joined.

1.The Room
2. The Wall
3. The Street
4. The Public Square
5. Borders

Hoping to have a version (more like to have one version) of Bob to discuss for the next tutorial so I can send the file off to be SLSed.

Finally, I need to start developing the drawing from the last tutorial.

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Breaking it down

photo 3 photo 2

It have not been so successful at stripping the spobject down to bob. I have broken the spobject down into physical pieces and designing with this method for a bit.

It is still too big to be tumble-able but since this is the working model I needed some quick assembly.

Also I am thinking because the spobject is using discontinuous materials to make a continuous object and narratives.

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