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New Concept Art

Working on new imagery for some of the scenes that I haven’t yet visually described:


The urban artisans of the future are finely tuned to the fabric of the city. They order and construct the city through precise gesture. Moving like dancers across the city’s construction sites, these architects and engineers pilot the infrastructure of the city.

‘The artisan is tuned to her environment. Every twitch, every motion an act of searching, making, wanting, giving. An act of creation.’06_The Building Site_1_CG 06_The Building Site_2 06_The Building Site_3 06_The Building Site_4


A dramatically thin woman sits hunched in a toilet stall, head bowed. Red light… Deep blue shadows… Her skeleton shifts beneath delicate skin. The red walls bulge disgustingly like swollen flesh.

‘I remember that the worlds that protect and express us, can also imprison. I see bubbles of pain; worlds of self-obsession, cast from our own desires and insecurities.’

07_The Toilet Cubicle_1


A huge expanse of clinically white equipment. Machines move in unison. Lines of contact lenses are polished and packaged. Packets of new electronic lenses move along a conveyor belt.

09_Factory_0_CG copy 09_Factory_1_CG 09_Factory_2_CG 09_Factory_3_CG

More scenes and elaborations on existing images to come.

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Supermarket Scene Tests

170223_Test1_CGBeen working on test renders for the supermarket interior (unaugmented) – augmented views to come soon. Still waiting to hear back from Costco about filming on location, but I am thinking that I can do most of this scene with green screen and rendered environments.

For a transition between unaugmented view and augmented view, I think the Westworld metacamera technique that Charles showed could be useful; we get the unaugmented view down an aisle first (like the one above), pan to a character’s face behind the camera, and then reveal their personalised view as we pan back to the aisle.

170223_Test2_CGThis Gursky-like angle can imply people waling through the aisles by showing augmented environments moving along aisles in the background, showing people moving below.


170223_Test4_CGFrom above, we see the ‘group shopping’/flocking behaviour. Could use rendered people for this view so long as it is rendered as a time lapse – fast moving motion blurred people can hide the fact that they are rendered.

*Some earlier tests below.

170222_Test2_CG 170222_Test3_CG

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Stills + References + Drone Test!

A still from the drone test (video at end of post).

Drone Test

I’m working on still concept images to guide the shoot and explain the film for TS in terms of atmosphere, content, and camera angles. (More to come…)

00_Meditating Man's EyesThe Meditating Man Looks up into the Urban Palimpsest.

01_Empty City 1 01_Empty City 2 01_Empty City 3 01_Empty City 4Scenes from the empty city

Parallel to that I am beginning to compile cinematic references in terms of colour and composition for some of the proposed scenes.

S1 S12 S13 S14 S15 S16 S17

Here’s a link to an analysis of the relationship between identity and city in Ghost in the Shell:


Finally, got to test the drone on Saturday – here is some of the test footage!

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Concept Art + AR Compositing Test

Working on some concept art for the view up into the ever shifting city from the meditating man. Am aiming to get an animated version of this going soon.Urban Palimpsest Concept Art

Here’s a test of a person’s AR bubble following them as they cycle down the street. (AR is indicative in this scene only – as its a test of the technique more than a resolved personal view). I’ll work on building the complexity of the AR so it can be more suggestive of traits of each character that we see.

Working on TS tomorrow – a more detailed breakdown of the new film and shot list to come…

Lastly, another article on the potential dangers on AR filter bubbles!


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Concept Art & New Screenplay

I’ve been working on concept imagery for the apartment. MA_170123_CGMira’s View

RA_170123_CGRick’s View

BA_170119_CGUnaugmented View (for reference)

Here’s the updated screenplay.

The City’s Eyes_V2

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The Apartment


Starting to work on the design for the apartment scenes in the film. I am now imagining a model where when each character is in their ‘total’ (to borrow from Mieville) space, they are invisible to the other. In the shared space they can see each other. This logic can be carried out to the street, solving the problem of people bumping into each other! It also illustrates the ‘Venn-diagram’ nature of our filter bubbles – there are moments where they intersect.

The Apartment Plan

I’m working on the augmented spaces of Miri & Rick next. An additional thought which came up as a suggestion from the presentation to MAKE yesterday was that perhaps Miri and Rick are related (daughter-father). Their invisibility to each other is something they are aware of but live with anyway – perhaps more poignant in the familiar image of a family living separate lives in the same home through social media.

Working on a new screenplay to incorporate these ideas too…

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