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The show must go on!

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In order to preserve the balance of universe, all things that can go wrong must go wrong in the last few days leading up to the jury.

Feeling very pleased with myself and the submission of my CNC and 3D print files with no problems. I went to purchase translucent silicon because I the fumes from the Resin nearly put me into a coma this weekend.

The plan was to colour the TRANSLUCENT resin to be black and white. So at 5.30 today with my CNC moulds all glazed and ready to be casted. I open my can of silicon which ended up being RED. -.-

So i decided to not cast all the pieces and just two because I don’t want all the volumes to be red! SO i will only be able to cast them tomorrow.

On the plus side, Maria has ordered some canvas that I can print on that will be in tomorrow for the swoop bags.

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