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The Edge of the Stage

Where does the stage begin and end?

This version of the flat-stage shows Xia (who played Yamasaki) helping me carry parts of the stage back to the studio after the re-con jury. It was the same evning that Zaha Hadid was giving her lecture.

Physically the limits of the stage are questioned as the drawing overlaps the defined plinth/stage-size.

The collage is another backstage view, this time exploring the deconstruction of the stage. In a sense, backstage is “reality”, and the stage-set a kind of facade that manipulates reality. The audience sit in their seats with controlled views of this imagined reality that for a period of time becomes more “real” than the physical theatre. Once the performance ends actors and audience assume their original identity, and the stage-set is deconstructed into physical pieces that feed back into reality. “Backstage” is huge – it is everything that is real and contributing to make something unreal – its physical limits are becoming impossible to define!

– I hope this makes some kind of sense!

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