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Recreating the Mnemosyne Atlas on Dip 9’s terms and connecting all of our precedents together.

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2014-10-14 17.42.512014-10-14 15.27.282014-10-14 16.05.38

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Presentation notes

Ok! I have a plan! A journey. Some stories. I think I need 2 to 3 tables on the day of the jury.
I will start with a blank- the table, and take you on a journey through my places. Each map will go on the table one at the time as I tell its story and no map gets chucked away. (Like anny’s drawing we build up this collection of maps that all relate -an atlas of some sort)
I conclude the presentation by revealing the map of the project. That summarises the journey and the main ideas to retain.
And then we discuss.
Draft text coming tomorrow (in the afternoon /evening) and then back to drawing.


Ps: the maps are still to be compiled in the book format previously shown, along with the stories written and research etc but i don’t know how realistic that is for next week.

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