The bar question: what am I doing and why?

Following my interests on the black hole, I am looking at how to visualise it’s magic like qualities and the sudden disappearance of information that reappear somewhere else and linking it to my own universe.

Table of content:


-The cosmic explosion.

-The shift from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

-Tipping point: how infinite small things create a big impact.

2-Total disorder: Chaos.

-The definable versus the indefinable, things we understand versus things we can’t comprehend.

-Epidemics and viruses.

 3-The Jump

-Space and time jumping, balancing the small and the gigantic.(the great equation)

-Ideas are alive they do have a conscious; they travel and move from soul to soul.

-Perceiving the shooting thoughts that enter my mind.


-Forgetting is water, its what we forget that defines us.


5- Sucked in/Rebirth:

-From the outside you cant tell what is inside a black hole.You can throw pens, diamond rings, or even your worst enemies in the black hole, and all the black hole will remember is its quantum mass.

-If you fall towards a black hole feet first, gravity will pull harder on your feet than your head, because they are nearer to the black hole. The result is you will be stretched out long ways and squashed sideways.

-You have disappeared; there is no way back, a loophole in which you are dragged in that brings you back to the beginning of the book.


I will try to examine the relationship between the small and the large, the explicable versus the inexplicable such as things we see versus things we can’t understand. Ideas that pop in and out and that disappear.I will attempt to explain these ideas in this book linking it to the black hole and its unexpected qualities. The black hole is therefore the apparatus of the book and the tool to explain the ideas.


My book is like a Klein bottle:

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