T in a Valise

1 T in a Valise


There are two products. One is Model T, the result of assemblage of five thousands parts in 83 minutes by 50,000 workers. Another is Boite-en-Valise, the result of assemblage of 69 pre-made miniatures by one, or few men. One becomes pre-designed identity as soon as the final part is fixed perfectly as the product, while the other gives hint of the author’s identity around loosely fitted 69 parts.

What I’m and will be doing for another week would be setting up framework which blends two distinguished products, or output into each other’s ‘assembly line’. Now I’m making a lists of speculations between two different products : scale, space of manufacturing, attitudes, goals, supply, distribution etc. Once I summarise those catalogues, I will carry on juxtaposition of two by taming them down in same neutral manner of style of writing, or format, way of drawings. But let me test it first.

Eventually, my hunch begins from this. : What if Model T could be reproduced as miniature collection of  5,000 parts throughout 6 years by a man at american diner? What if Duchamp mass-produced his exhibitions of 69 masterpieces as ‘readymade’ on moving assembly line within a day?

I assume by jumping and testing within the framework it would eventually reveal interesting relationship arousing among three points, space, process of manufacturing and product, which may point back towards me, or us, to throw questions as our identity in current context.

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  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Hi – can you please update the blog. At least post online the material you’ve found/produced in the last week. And then put up new thoughts/work tomorrow.