Supermarket Scene Tests

170223_Test1_CGBeen working on test renders for the supermarket interior (unaugmented) – augmented views to come soon. Still waiting to hear back from Costco about filming on location, but I am thinking that I can do most of this scene with green screen and rendered environments.

For a transition between unaugmented view and augmented view, I think the Westworld metacamera technique that Charles showed could be useful; we get the unaugmented view down an aisle first (like the one above), pan to a character’s face behind the camera, and then reveal their personalised view as we pan back to the aisle.

170223_Test2_CGThis Gursky-like angle can imply people waling through the aisles by showing augmented environments moving along aisles in the background, showing people moving below.


170223_Test4_CGFrom above, we see the ‘group shopping’/flocking behaviour. Could use rendered people for this view so long as it is rendered as a time lapse – fast moving motion blurred people can hide the fact that they are rendered.

*Some earlier tests below.

170222_Test2_CG 170222_Test3_CG

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  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    super beautiful