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snapSide 1

snap1Side 1

snap2Side 2

What I am trying to do here is 1. to treat the planes as spaces like the library wall or staircase 2. to see what I can move through the middle so it all depends on where things attach meaning that the table in side 1 is attached to the floor so when it moves it takes only part of the table to the other side and pushes part of the second in-between later with it.

I have decided in the interim to have the model with a camera and tripod set up attached to the screen so the ‘making-of’ is live. Amin yesterday said that maybe the quality of the green screen is that I can take it with me (because he likes the berlin-basel experiment). Also Nacho said that perhaps I am trying with this ‘device’ to perform green screen effects but more physical.


About a play called Proscenium by Lundahl & Seitl (which is that wall that frames the stage in theatre):

“We have been interested in the theatre as a building where different worlds come into existence; in time, each world will stop and another world will be opened up. What are the traces left of these presences?  Similar to the museum, the theatre preserves historical works. The difference; the theatre’s medium is time and actions embodied in the constant present – meaning that when the plays are not activated do these worlds exist as possibility within a text similar to a musical score waiting to be played?”


I would like at some point to make a spread with things that oscillate, though maybe after interim to avoid confusion.

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