I’m using columns as boundary between corporation and the city, the columns can become really thin and almost merge into a fence and then skin.

Has anybody seen anything cool on columns? Any refs with reflections of columns or optical illusions or anything cool at all…

Doing a few renders like this and will Photoshop Basel into background:


I tried to do these arrangements to see if any cool sight-lines can come out of them – like seemingly random arrangements of columns aligning into a fence, working on it, not quite super cool so far..

Capture 1 Capture 2 Capture 3 Capture 4

These are some refs, any inspired ideas welcome!

5-colonnade-in-an-egyptian-temple-michele-burgess 20120215-Edfu ancient_egypt_27 banteay-samre-plan-680 Lepsius-Projekt_tw_1-2-108 Plan_Baphuon Temples egypt_temple2 600px-Greek_temples.svg

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