Subjective Vistas

rice terrace water cloud


This is the first of many vistas into the Collective Selfportrait

(aka the architectural site)

The vistas represent each Viewer’s (the people I asked: what is this a drawing of?) subjective view

Separately these subjective views see only a small part of the truth, together they form the whole (the architectural site).

The site as a whole is comprised of all these different parts/elements people saw in my self portrait. Because they are always looking through their own filter (literally the blood vessels, figuratively their subjective view), their interpretations are in essence also a self portrait (self portrait inception!)

So, these vistas are a representation of what one viewer sees, one viewer sees only a piece of the whole, the viewer’s sight has blind spots.

These blind spots might very well be the parts on the site that other people do see. The blind spots refer to the other subjective views / vistas.

They appear either in silhouette or are completely unrecognizable and obscured by clouds.

The printed vista’s will have mirror paper there where the silhouettes are. Whoever then views the vista sees him/herself reflected in the vista’s, this is a metaphor for how we fill in those blind spots with our own interpretations, our own self portraits.


I’m also looking at references for how to draw a map of my site, here are some of them. The site map will then refer with indicators of location to the vistas.

map old 3d map old 12.12.17_Iceland Main Map_Compilation_FOR PRINT map new2

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One Response to Subjective Vistas

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    the map of iceland is a great reference in part also because it’s an island and would allow your map to come from nothing (ie, the water surrounding it). Other landforms to look at might be single mountains – like Mt Fuji or Mt Kilamanjaro.

    You could also look at the Mesa / Butte / Plateau landform for isolated hills with flat tops (your pupil being the flat top).

    Craters / Volcano also good. Maybe have a look at Santorini too.