Storyboard for Tables

Here are the images I have for the storyboard so far – a few more to come to flesh out the supermarket, toilet cubicle, apartment and urban palimpsest. The idea is to compose these images in a 8-10 minute/semi-animated storyboard – like the ‘Mirrored Eyes’ storyboard from the 2nd jury, incorporating the bits of animation that I have done.

I’m working on the presentation text/narration now. After the workshop with Antoine, I think there might be a couple of new scenes needed, to further elaborate more positive changes in group behaviour provoked by this scenario, as well as better illustrating the spatial ‘averaging’, but I think given time I will aim for developing these after the tables (although I will describe my ambitions for them and their purpose of course).

Hopefully tables can act as a review to make any final changes to the screenplay/scene sequence/image tone and atmosphere so that in the 2 weeks of holidays after Peru I can really get into shooting as much of the film as possible. The idea would be to use third term mostly for post production/rendering and getting the film as slick as possible!

05_Rainbow Mountain Memorials_1New scene – (to replace the preserved house). Cemeteries of the future are dedicated monuments in the landscape where people’s augmented profiles are kept. When entering one of these mausoleums one’s own overwriting mechanisms are temporarily disabled, preserving those who have passed in little samples of their worlds forever.

01_Meditating Man's Eyes 02_Empty City 1 02_Empty City 3 02_Empty City 4 03_Underpass_1 03_Underpass_2 04_Supermarket 1 04_Supermarket 2 04_Supermarket 3 04_Supermarket 406_The Building Site_1_CG 06_The Building Site_2 06_The Building Site_3 06_The Building Site_4 07_The Toilet Cubicle_1 07_The Toilet Cubicle_2 08_The Surgery_1 09_Factory_0_CG copy 09_Factory_1_CG 09_Factory_2_CG 09_Factory_3_CG 10_The Law Courts_1 10_The Law Courts_2 10_The Law Courts_3 11_The Apartment_1 13_Urban Palimpsest_1

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One Response to Storyboard for Tables

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    the new cemetery scene is super effective (and beautiful).