I am pursuing my research on language through two mediums so far – film and material.

Regarding the film, 4 parts (and a 5th ?) are considered so far as I am exploring the language of space :

1. Manual excavation [of the glyph] – architecture through its primal aspect, the first instinct, meaning extracting the idea within the block, excavated by hand.
FILM SHOTS : (image below for indication only) me excavating the glyph from granit rock, doing some rudimental stone carving OR working with plaster and trying to excavate a precast plaster casted within another caster block (if possible ?)

2. Mechanical excavation – machine provides a first increase in speed, language is processed in a much complex way.
FILM SHOTS : existing video shown during presentation, perhaps adjusted ?

3. Computerized excavation – the speed is even greater, language has taken over matter by being able to reproduce sets of coordinates in space notably. Machine is now automated and not manual, space is generated.
FILM SHOTS : (image below for indication only) I plan to record sequences from the CNC tomorrow, while it shapes plaster blocks – various angle shots, if I can I would like to record the G-code (the name of the language used for telling spatial coordinates to machines)


4.  Digital ‘excavation’, or ‘the new excavation is casting’ – the screen has become the new block in a metaphorical way, as the though process does not operate via the materiality. The more a material can bend to screen desire, the more it would be used. And material now becomes the materialisation of language, but does not house it anymore. Reversal of the process at some point, the material block is a ghost of itself.
FILM SHOTS : not quite sure yet, but something involving  the fabrication of a glyph on my computer screen – a screen capture of me building it ?


5. Digital casting – 3d printer is the ‘ultimate’ process so far, as the material is reduce to a plastic filament, it is reduced to its greatest flexibility. Or now, robotic arms pouring concrete. The process is comparable to the pen and the ink, material is requested to have the fluidity of the ink to be used, and the machine is the pen.
I said the 3d printer, but most fundamentally it is the process of casting in space through linear paths.
FILM SHOTS : the glyph 3D printed ? Not sure yet.

I think more part could be added to this storyboard (like I need a conclusion for instance) but it should be a good starting point.

[The blocks will be updated tomorrow when I have the actual object.]

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