Stitching WIP

Stitching Test

This is not how all the pieces actually go, but just testing a few to see how they line up.

Darwin enters the scene on his way to geologically map the uninhabited landscapes of the galapagos. WIP

Darwin Entry Stencil


Dont know exactly how to define the next map beyond describing a methodology, but if we can imagine darwin ship as a magic eraser/clone stamp in photoshop, that manipulates context  in all layers. Thus as he travels he defines….

Darwin Defining

The above is just an example, but not only will he define the route traveled in the various maps as our seasoned navigator, but with the FOV, the landscapes too begin to take on resolution.

ALSO the grid takes center stage in shaping the cartographers argument. From the drawings i have put up recently, it appears in multiple scales and connotations. Not only does it present itself as an instrument that defines the threshold between the rational and artificial, but at the same time, he as the curator of space adopts the grid and explores it as an object and device of representation. (probably makes no sense…bed time)

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