Stills + References + Drone Test!

A still from the drone test (video at end of post).

Drone Test

I’m working on still concept images to guide the shoot and explain the film for TS in terms of atmosphere, content, and camera angles. (More to come…)

00_Meditating Man's EyesThe Meditating Man Looks up into the Urban Palimpsest.

01_Empty City 1 01_Empty City 2 01_Empty City 3 01_Empty City 4Scenes from the empty city

Parallel to that I am beginning to compile cinematic references in terms of colour and composition for some of the proposed scenes.

S1 S12 S13 S14 S15 S16 S17

Here’s a link to an analysis of the relationship between identity and city in Ghost in the Shell:


Finally, got to test the drone on Saturday – here is some of the test footage!

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