Statement WIP

The project, through the Recon addressed the idea of mental or psychological projections as a way to enter cities. Namely cities such as Rome that have been time locked into one projection and one interpretation, unable to break free from the shackles of its own past. The Rorschach test was a tool that aided the process of projection by using the line of symmetry or mirroring in order to distort an image to make it ambiguous enough to re-imagine it, to re-enter it. A world that is familiar to us, is suddenly de familiarised by the simple act of mirroring. A mirror can create an endless expanse of space, distort images of reality, multiply axis and magnify visions. The simple act of collapsing a piece of paper to mirror an inkblot opens up to reveal a complex and paradoxical world of endless possibilities and projections.

Looking closer at the formation of the inkblot we begin to see how the figure grows out of the spine of the fold. There is a horizontal movement of ink that originates from a vertical axis. While mirrors tend to create infinite visions of vast horizontal horizons, what would happen if the horizon became a vertical line? What would happen if the cities dint expands from a horizontal horizon but grew out of vertical horizon? Would this mean that the entire world would begin to cantilever out?By asking these kinds of questions it opens up an entirely new conversation about how we imagine cities.

The catoptric box (scale undecided) is a device into which we insert cities, plans, objects, perhaps even ourselves, the box would distort, contort the object, city, person, to give rise to an entirely new view of the same familiar object, allowing one to project on the object and seek multiple new possibilities. It’s a form of therapy for ailing cities.



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